noun, the quality or state of being green


We commit to plant trees

Trees are one of nature's best air filtration systems.

As a means of Carbon sequestration, we commit to plant trees to offset our operations' direct and indirect production of CO2.

We commit to reduce our environmental footprint

We maximise the use of alternate energy and we focus on waste management. 

We commit to reduce Radio Frequency pollution

Our technology operates in the light spectrum, as a result we do not fill the air with radio frequencies which can cause interference with some systems and some discomfort in live creatures.

We commit to equality

We believe in equality among people regardless of gendre, ethnicity, geography, faith and education.

We commit to responsible consumption and production

We only use recycled materials for our packaging. Every operational decision we make validates this commitment.

We commit to good health and well being

We promote a healthy work environment where our team and partners can thrive.